Glenwood Canyon Shuffle Race for Literacy


The Glenwood Canyon Shuffle Race for Literacy is an annual event to benefit Literacy Outreach. The race includes a half-marathon (13.1 miles) run and relay race (entrants may run the half-marathon as individuals or as members of an up-to-5-person team) and a 5-kilometer (3.1 miles) run/walk. All events take place on the bike path in scenic Glenwood Canyon east of Glenwood Springs.

The half-marathon begins at 9 a.m. and the 5K starts at 10 a.m. Buses will take participants from the finish line at the No Name exit of Glenwood Canyon to the race starting points.  Be sure to check the Transportation and Parking for bus departure time.

Entry Fees

The initial entry fee is $40 per person in the half-marathon and $25 per person in the 5K. The entry fee price increases on Monday, September 10 to $50 and $35 respectively. The race entry fee includes one way-cool, tee-shirt per person. Register early to guarantee a tee shirt. 

To register by mail,  download a race form and mail it to the address shown on the form. Or, register online at Active.Com; there are fees for online registration. For further information, contact the race director at 970-945-5282 or by e-mail at

For more details, please visit the FAQ page.


Glenwood Canyon Shuffle

Race for Literacy

5K Results 2017

Time Last First
21:35:00 Angeles Alejandro
22:04:00 Palmer Brad
22:40:00 Hintermeister Robert
23:50:00 Utah Johnny
26:30:00 Gavrell Stacey
27:45:00 Whattoff Tom
28:00:00 Goodstein Melissa
28:05:00 Treese Amy
29:06:00 Pedrick Gina
29:57:00 Rosa William
30:00:00 Rosenberg Laurie
30:20:00 Conway Jim
30:20:00 Nieslanik Lisa
30:53:00 Blatter Jeanne
32:34:00 Whattoff Julie
33:02:00 Johnson Kristina
33:02:00 Martin Lauren
34:07:00 Spencer Sandi
34:47:00 Bates Camilla
35:32:00 Lewis Linda
35:37:00 Domer Lisa
38:04:00 Morris Becky
39:15:00 Smith Domenica
41:07:00 Herrera Dareld
41:24:00 Valencia Micaela
41:30:00 Doll Sheryl
42:56:00 Sullivan Pat
44:15:00 Hindman Judy
44:37:00 Hildebrand Janell
46:04:00 Albright Bob
46:50:00 Morris Scott
49:04:00 Leatherby Nadine
49:08:00 Leatherby Katina
49:15:00 Morris Emily
49:50:00 Currier Cheryl
49:51:00 Currier Paul
51:08:00 Prinster Carolyn
51:11:00 Thompson Deborah
51:17:00 Tucker David
51:18:00 Peterson Leigh
52:30:00 Gomez-Herrera Diana
52:33:00 Belben Carrie
57:36:00 Behr Amy
57:41:00 Bate Charlotte
57:41:00 Bergeman Diana

Glenwood Canyon Shuffle

Race for Literacy

Half Marathon 2017

Time Last First
1:18:45 Murphy Jeason
1:21:40 Hejtmanek Josh
1:27:58 Hogan Thomas
1:28:04 Broyles Levi
1:30:16 Broyles MacKennea
1:35:08 Simmons Thomas
1:39:44 DeLuera Candelario
1:43:11 Vosbeck Heidi
1:43:30 Murphy Anne
1:45:10 DuBois Robert
1:46:08 Dunfey Brian
1:51:17 Fuller Rachel
1:51:33 States Alexis
1:51:50 Evans Desi
1:51:50 Millikin Alexie
1:54:33 Pearson Nick
1:58:29 Terrell Chuck
1:59:36 Wade Kristen
2:00:05 Goerdt Mickey
2:01:11 Ewell Hanna
2:01:54 Doebele Joel
2:02:33 Baker Robert
2:03:09 Hostadt Mason
2:04:30 Stackpool Caitlin
2:06:34 Doebele Erin
2:11:18 Bird Zachary
2:11:58 Wilox Rebecca
2:12:14 Smith Diane
2:13:51 Mortensen Boone
2:15:47 Terrell Makenna
2:18:17 Dodd Christina
2:18:17 Hosack Michelle
2:19:00 Kontz Brittney
2:20:10 Fay Michaela
2:24:24 Jones Caleb
2:26:16 Peterson David
2:27:29 Collier Clayton
2:28:23 Keaney Jennifer
2:28:26 Keaney Anthony
2:28:34 Powner Michelle
2:34:51 Mahoney Kathryn
2:34:51 Smith Sage
3:07:00 Johnson Rachel