Pitching in to make it happen!

Many people have donated time, money, and materials to make this project successful.  Gifts of time are priceless.

A huge thank you to the many other important donors who have made this project possible!  Dan Becker with Becker Construction is donating all of his time for the renovations. Joey Sissom of IRBF, Inc. is donating his services; Dave Rippy is donating his time and his dump truck.  Frances Orosz at Roaring Fork Rentals has donated the use of a skid steer. Maria Claire Jacobi, a structural engineer with Glenwood Structural and Civil, Inc., has donated countless hours visiting buildings and creating plans. Teka Israel and Brent Israel have also donated time to the project.  In addition, Roto Rooter donated an inspection on the building before we purchased it.  Steve Carter of ReMax is donating all of the adjustable wall dividers for the interior offices and study cubicles.  Bob Noone of the Noone Law Firm has handled all of the legal information.

Literacy Outreach is relocating in late March to 1127 School Street in downtown Glenwood Springs. For the first time in our 26 year history, Literacy Outreach staff will enjoy windows and sunbeams in our office! An anonymous donor donated the building. Carolyn Prinster in memory of her late husband, Teo Prinster, has donated all of the funds to renovate the new building. The Teo Prinster Learning Center will be opening soon.

Gifts like these are acts of love for all of our learners, staff, volunteers and donors.  We appreciate each and every one of them!



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