About Us

Who we are… In 1986, concerned citizens formed the Garfield County Task Force on Literacy to address adult illiteracy. In 1998, Garfield Adult Literacy changed its name to Literacy Outreach to better reflect its commitment to promoting education and literacy. What we do… We provide life-changing opportunities for adults who cannot read. For many students, our program is their last opportunity to gain the basic skills that are essential to survive in fast-paced and technically advanced society. We teach people who are functionally illiterate to learn to read. By doing this, we believe we help solve social issues such as crime, poverty, poor parenting, welfare, and dependency. We also offer health and financial literacy classes and through participation in our programs, adults become more capable, committed, and able to improve their lives. It’s common for us to see tangible differences in the quality of life for our students and families.

Our Mission We teach essential literacy skills.

Our Values We believe that the ability to read is an essential element of an enriched and fulfilling life. Our high quality, community-based literacy programs empower adults to reach their full potential as individuals, employees, parents, and citizens throughout the communities in which they live. We believe:

  • literacy can change the fate of entire communities around the globe.
  • literacy is the promise for peace, the potential for empowerment, and the stones we can lay to build a better world.
  • illiteracy accounts for many of the socio-economic issues in the world.
  • the U.S. needs an experienced workforce to continue to compete and literacy and education are a huge part of that.
  • everyone must learn to read in order to succeed.

Our Vision

“One of the best ways to solve the problems throughout the world is through education. Readers are leaders. Reading strengthens individuals. Strong individuals make stronger communities and stronger communities make a stronger, more educated, and more peaceful world.”    

– – – Martha Fredendall, Executive Director of Literacy Outreach

Our Community Support “Literacy Outreach gives illiterate adults the lifelong gift of education.” More than 97 million Americans are functionally illiterate, which means they cannot read beyond a fourth-grade level. More than 29% of the residents in Garfield County need adult literacy services. Many of these adults are considered functionally illiterate, which means they cannot read a map, follow the instructions on a medical prescription, or understand the implications of their child’s report card. When adults have an inability to read and compute, it hinders them from reaching their potential as parents and citizens and prevents them from participating fully in society. Low literacy skills cost American businesses billions in lost productivity each year. Our Impact Since 1986, we have trained 1,000 tutors and taught 1,000 students. Although our commitment is local, our vision is global. Our social media platform The Literacy Outreach Booklist Did you know that we give recommended reads on Facebook? Follow us. Our Board of Directors

A Board of Directors who represents a variety of industries throughout Garfield County including banking, education, marketing, and media governs our organization. The Board is comprised of eleven members, each of whom is elected to the board for three years.

  • Martha Fredendall, Executive Director of Literacy Outreach brings a background in technology, having spent 10 years in the computer field. Her major in English and minor in Spanish from Central Michigan University have served her well working with a large Latino population based in Garfield County.
  • Ted Doll has over 30 years of business experience in computer technology.  He has 12 years of teaching e-Business and business on the web to college business students. His volunteer work includes being an AARP instructor teaching 50+-year-old students new methods of automobile driving and being a volunteer at Alpine Hospice in Glenwood Springs.
  • Maria Claire Jacobi has served on the board since 2009. After graduating from Basalt High School, she attended the University of Colorado at Boulder ‘s College of Engineering and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Architectural Engineering. She is a licensed Professional Engineer and Structural engineer with over 20 years of experience in this field. She returned to the Roaring Fork Valley in 2005 and has enjoyed being part of this wonderful community by serving with Literacy Outreach.

Community Support We are grateful to live in a community who understands the value we bring to the community. Here are some of the individuals and businesses that support the mission of literacy.


Location Literacy Outreach and the Teo Prinster Learning Center are located at 1127 School Street in Glenwood Springs.  The Center is on the south end of School Street behind the Forest Service building.

Map 1127 School Street_CMYK


The people who work at Literacy Outreach are the organization.

Literacy Outreach seeks individuals who desire to have a positive impact on the lives of adults and families. Individuals must believe adults can learn, enjoy teaching and work well independently and in a team. Literacy Outreach is based in downtown Glenwood Springs and serves all of Garfield County.  All staff must be willing to have a background check. If you are interested in employment with Literacy Outreach, please complete an Employment_APPLICATION (2) and return to 1127 School Street, Glenwood Springs CO or email to literacyoutreach@literacyoutreach.org.