“Violeta and I are into our sixth year together and it has been such a strong positive in my life. This happened years ago for the two of us but I pass it along . . .

How rare and wonderful is that flash of a moment when we realize
we have discovered a new friend.

I don’t know the author but this is how Violeta and I feel about one another.”

Judy Beattie, Volunteer Tutor

Literacy Outreach’s goal is to involve as many volunteers as humanly possible in support of literacy education in Garfield County. Our volunteers come from throughout the county and include male and female, young and old, employed, unemployed and retired, native English speakers and non-native speakers. Volunteers help with every aspect of running the program. Volunteers who do not have the time to tutor are given many opportunities to help in significant ways.

Volunteering is a great way to make friends, develop useful new skills, impact others well being, and gain experience that help develop your career. It is also extremely satisfying. Please help us, help them.

Thinking of Tutoring?

Literacy Outreach tutors adults in basic literacy skills. Basic literacy skills might include reading, writing, math, or English as a foreign language. Tutoring is provided through a one-on-one or small group interaction. Volunteers also help the student with skills related to personal literacy needs and goals such as letter writing or job applications. The minimum commitment for tutoring is to meet once a week for six months. Tutoring sessions generally last an hour and a half. Most tutors spend about three hours per week volunteering. Training is provided for all volunteers.

Literacy Outreach learners want to improve their lives by increasing their literacy skills. Energized and invigorated with a sense of hope, they register to learn to read, write, compute basic math or speak English. Then they wait. Determined to improve their lives, sometimes learners wait as long as one year for the opportunity to work with a volunteer tutor. Waiting too long can make all good intentions go away. We currently have a waiting list of over 100 learners countywide. Please help us, help them.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

If you don’t have time to volunteer weekly, we are always looking for motivated people to help us in other areas.
Please call the office for more information.
(970) 945-5282
Do you like to organize? We need your help! Plan special events and/or raise funds for Literacy Outreach. Help for one day or lead the team.

Spellers are needed to spell on a team of three at Spellebration, an adult spelling bee and silent auction. This is Literacy Outreach’s largest fundraiser of the year and stellar spellers and funny spellers are needed to spell (or misspell) words at this event. The event is guaranteed to be a good time. So join us for an evening of spelling.  This year’s event is on Friday, March 1 at the historic Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs.

Board Member
Hardworking, dedicated community members are needed to help fundraise and oversee the program policy and direction.

Proofread grants and other documents. Volunteers would need excellent grammar and writing skills and a sharp eye for detail. Volunteers must be familiar with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and use email.

Volunteers are needed to clip newspaper and magazine items related to literacy or potential grant opportunities.

Book Group Leader
Lead a book group with a small class of developmentally delayed students or other students.

Conversation Circle Leader
Lead a weekly conversation circle with a small group of students. Emphasis is placed on oral English skills: speaking, listening and pronunciation.

Upcoming Trainings and Information Sessions

Trainings are held periodically throughout the year and throughout the County. Days and times vary. Please call for information or attend an information session. (970) 945-5282


Information Sessions

Learn More! Upcoming Volunteer Tutor Information Sessions

January Information Sessions
Glenwood Springs
Teo Prinster Learning Center
1127 School Street

Glenwood Springs Library Conference Room
815 Cooper Avenue
Glenwood Springs CO 81601
January 12, 6:00-7:00 p.m. CANCELLED