One-On-One Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring is Literacy Outreach’s largest program. Individual instruction is necessary to make a struggling learner successful. Tutoring is available for reading, writing, basic math and English as a foreign language instruction. Our cost-effective system provides goal-oriented tutoring to adults and instills confidence. All tutoring is provided by professionally trained volunteers.

Literacy enables students to become better parents, workers and citizens. Individual gains become gains for families, employers and the community. Literacy Outreach’s commitment to individualized instruction allows the students to continue their education in spite of demanding work schedules, long commutes and lack of transportation or childcare.

Conversation Circle

This program is designed to offer new English-speaking residents a place to feel safe using their new language and to offer them a place to be a community among friends. These groups are not intended to usurp any English as a Second Language classes (ESL) in the area; in fact, they are designed to work in tandem by offering a place and a chance for ESL students to practice what they are learning. Classes run continuously. The times run from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, with the less fluent classes having the least time. There are generally 6 students in each group, an ideal number for lively discussion. Circle participation is free. To join please call Literacy Outreach at 970-945-5282.


Assistance is available in a one-on-one or small group setting to assist learners to study for their citizenship exam.

Workplace Literacy

Employers interested in having a group of employees tutored at the work sight may call to inquire about pricing.

Financial Literacy

A four week financial literacy class will be available held in April 2012. Learn how to control your money. What is the difference between a want and a need? Determine which product is the best buy! Learn to use credit, create a spending plan, save money and spend your money wisely. These classes are free. Please call to register. 970-945-5282